News Bulletins

NOON September 28 in FLINT

The weather could not have been finer for our picnic at Davison Roadside Park in Flint MI.  It was sunny and bright with shirt sleeve temperatures.  Nine members with assorted spouses and friends came to enjoy a great pot-luck lunch.

On the agenda at the Business Meeting was a discussion on the need for Subs for the snowbirds and better coverage of the 8RN.  Most of the spots were filled but we still need 8TN coverage on Sunday.

We also discussed the SET which occurred on October 5.  We learned just before the meeting that the main source of information for the SET would be on a new mode OLIVIA. This is a very reliable digital mode which can transmit large amount of information with great accuracy.  Larry WB8R our Mi Section Director encouraged us to explore this mode to enhance our capabilities in and emergency. a few members expressed some interest in exploring the mode.

Some new awards were given out.  Ben K8KV was awarded his 1000 club mug. 1000 Club mugs for Bob K8RDN and Steve KC8BW are still waiting to be delivered.  John K8LJG and Stan K8SB were awarded 2500 Club T-shirts.  Jeff WB8WKQ has also received his 2500 club T-shirt.

All officers were re-elected.  Anne K8AE Net Manager and Early Net Manager.  John K8LJG Secretary-Treasurer and Stan K8SB Late Net Manager.

Dues were collected for 2014 and the Treasury is solvent.

Thanks to all who came.


Larry WB8R Ken K0VP Anne K8AE John K8LJG Stan K8SB Ruth WB8AFO Jack NX8A Helene W8MEG Rich K8MEG



Jim WB8SIW calls kicks off the
Diamond Jubilee Banquet
with spark gap transmitter.

QMN 1954

Cameras are often active when a bunch of traffic men and women get together. These brass pounders gathered at the Grand Rapids convention on February 27, 1954 include L to R W8s, GTM EGI QIX ELW EOS YKC JDU SCW SJF URM (RM) ILP YMO DYH HKT IV FX